We strive to do it all and to do it all so well…which in and of itself isn’t so bad, maybe…  We have these misconceptions of what we need to be able to do in order to be a success story.  We want the house to be clean and look like the inside spread of a designer magazine, we want to feed the kids a four course meal every night, we want to read them all the stories and play all the board games, we want their homework to be done perfectly, we want to climb the corporate ladder and make something of ourselves, all while looking like a million bucks…

Does this resonate???  This used to be me and let me tell you…it was freaking exhausting!  I put so much pressure on myself and then I pulled the guilt trip every time I failed to do it all and do it all perfectly…which was every day!!!  I wasted so much time feeling ashamed of my shortcomings as a mom, as a wife, I thought I was failing at life, when really I was failing myself.

I’ve come to realize that my success and my worth have nothing to do with how much I can accomplish, and everything to do with who I am as a human.  So excuse me while I take it a bit slower over here.

I’ve learned to let go of the idea that it has to be perfect!  Heck, alot of times I’m sloppy as hell, but I’m doing my best with what I’ve got and I know that that’s enough.  I fall down more times than I’d like to admit, but I pick myself back up every time, because failure isn’t an option, it’s actually no longer part of my vocabulary!

I’ve learned that my house will never be 100% organized like those photos in the magazines because all 5 of us live here 😃   The laundry will never be 100% done because we are wearing clothes everyday and because I simply have no desire to be doing laundry 24/7/ . I’ve learned that it’s okay if not all of our meals are perfect and contain the exact ratio of foods.  I’m A OK with that, because I know I am cooking healthy meals all the time.  I’ve come to know that it’s not about spending every waking moment with my children because let’s face it, they need space to explore and learn to be independent.  It’s about the quality of time we spend together.

I’ve learned that nothing will ever be perfect in my life, but that I can find a perfect moment in each and every day.  I’ve realized that my insanity was all my own doing.  It stemmed from this validation I was seeking from everyone around me.  I know my worth, I know that I’m doing a dang good job everyday because everything I do, I do with love and the greatest of intentions.

So yeah, I fail now and again.  I do things “messy”.  I’m okay with all of that.  I give myself the same grace I would give anybody else who is doing their best.  You should try it, it really is life changing! 😉 💜

I’d love to know…are you harsh on yourself or have you too learned to give yourself a little more grace????

This Love & light,