30 Day Integrative Detox Program

Learn Holistic Techniques that create space for all you desire.

Using holistic techniques, mindset work, and energy healing, I will support you in creating subtle shifts that will allow you to grow and expand into the best version of who you are. Create new habits that you can sustain long term.

Join me for 30 days of change. We start February 10th, 2020.

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Get crystal clear on your desires and manifest them into reality!

It's time for you to reclaim control of your life, and stop allowing others to walk through your mind with their dirty feet. Learn how to wake up with a smile on your face and a heart full of gratitude for all that you are and all that you've created this far. Show your body the love and respect it deserves. Here is what this program will help you do:

  • Gain Clarity on what it is you desire to bring into your life and create a plan to do just that.
  • Release toxicity from your body, mind, spirit and environment; limiting beliefs, fears, toxins, and stagnant energy.
  • Learn holistic detox techniques to rid your body of toxins that have been weighing it down.
  • Create a custom nutrition & fitness plan that will give you sustainable, long lasting results.
  • Create mindset shifts, choose the way you go about your life, reclaim control now!
  • Grant yourself the gift of self-love and give yourself permission to take time for you.
Jen Gagnon

During the next 30 days you will learn new ways to be, new ways to exist in a state of bliss.

Hear What The Ladies Have To Say

"Jen is AMAZING! I learned more about myself than I ever thought was possible. Her 30 day detox program made me be accountable in all aspects of my life. She's a wealth of knowledge and the tools she provides can be used even after the 30 days. I've grown so much and look forward to working with her again." Suzanne

"Jen is an expert at what she does and is incredibly professional. She has a deep understanding of her work, her “art”, like no other. She is respectful, knowledgable, wise and devoted. She’s helped me change my life, my way of being, my way of living. She has greatly contributed to me rebuilding myself, learning how to control all that I can and becoming the woman I was always meant to be. Jen, I will never be able to thank you enough!" M-P.B

"Hi lady! You are changing my life! I’m thanked the Universe for having you in my life this morning when I woke up ❤️ " G.D  

"Jen is an amazing, emphatic and compationate coach who is passionate about her work. All the materials and advices that were sent and given were tailored to my needs helping to achieve my goal. She was always there to help and support. Thanks a lot Jen for your time, help and support. Lots of love, light and blessings"❤️ Cristina

What This Program Includes

  • �📱 1 Live Call Each Week where we will work through issues that are coming up for you in that moment real time (Total of 5 hours of content). I will share new techniques, tools and tips on how you can release all of it to make space for all that serves your highest good.

  •  🧬 1 Remote Marconic No Touch Session ( Private Remote Energy Healing ) that will allow you to raise your vibration and release all that's no longer serving your highest good energetically, physicall and emotionally.

  •  ✅ Accountability Group & Daily Accountability Check Ins to ensure that you stick to your commitments becasue I want you to succeed

  •  📚 Journal To Work In For the 30 Days, allowing you to dive deeper into the releasing and healing that need to take place. 

  • 📖 Workbook with ressources to follow along and to do more inner work that's required for you to reach your goals.

  •  🍍 Recipe books that you can use forever.

  •  Access to me via a Facebook, Voxer, Messenger & email for the 30 days

Bonus~ You get lifetime access to the monthly detox calls

All Of This Is Yours for $222(Value $999)

Or choose to make 2 payments of $111!

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Q: What if I don't have time? 

A: We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If you desire positive changes in your life, you will have to allow yourself to mak YOU a priority! All you need to make this program work for you, is an hour a day.

Q: What if I can't afford this program? 

A: This program is being offered at an incredibly low price so that you may afford it. There's also a payment plan available for those that need a little extra time. You are getting incredible value for less than a coffe and breakfast sandwich!

Q: What if I tend to start something and not finish it? 

A: If this is your norm, fear no more! I've got you covered. I check in daily with my clients to make sure they stay on track. This time, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Q: I am afraid that I will invest in myself and fail.

A: Failure is not an option this time around. Not only will you have me in your corner, but the group of ladies in this with you will be there to support you and keep you motivated to keep moving forward. 

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: As soon as you begin making the subtle shifts you will learn about you will see results. It may not be fast and furious, but slow and steady wins the race every time.

Q: How is this program different than all the cookie cutter programs out there?

A: This program was designed with you and your unique needs in mind. I use not only mindset techniques and holistic health tools, but I also use energy healing that creates a sacred space for you to do the work in. I focus on accountability and on supporting you. I know change can be quite difficult, but when you have all the tools to stick to them, it becomes that much easier

Jen Gagnon

Your Host

JEN GAGNON, Energy Healer & Holistic Health Coach

Jen is a certified Holistic Health Coach who helps her clients become crystal clear on their desires, remove toxicity and blocks from all areas of their lives, and finally start living a life of freedom. She combines her expertise in holistic health, mindset work, and energy healing to ensure her clients fully embody these shifts. Jen is a firm believer that in order to live your best life now, you need to align, mind, body and soul.  

She’s certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as a certified Advanced Marconics Practitioner, trained by the founder herself, Alison David-Bird (energy healing modality). Marconics is a powerful energy healing modality that allows the client to raise their vibration above the frequency of fear that has shackled them to their story. 

Jen Gagnon

You Get To Live Your Best Life NOW

When we begin to peel back the layers of our existence, when we get down to the core of our being we are able to identify the things, people & situations that no longer align with our highest and most benevolent outcome. As we grow and evolve, we must release all that is holding us back. Living a happy & healthy life is not a luxury but a necessity! I can show you how, join me for the next 30 days.

Detox Your Mind, Body & Soul To Create A Reality You Are In Love With

Learn essential secrets to shifting your perspective and releasing the baggage, blocks and density so you can thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically. Feel gratitude for all that you are and all that this life is providing you!

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